Happy mothers day

Reality is much different than expectations isn’t it? Media gives us an unrealistic expectation about what life should be like ….My goodness the pressure on moms to be in this amazing hour glass shape, to have these young perky breasts, to be stomach less and stretchmark less its too much. Let’s celebrate us, not the pretend us we try to live up to! Moms, whether GIVER OF LIFE or NURTURER OF IT we are ENOUGH! We are more than enough

The assembly of the church

if it were not for Hebrew 10:25 I would not go to church. I get it when people say they’ve been hurt by the church and when they give a million reasons not to go ,There have been some defining moments in my church life that have caused me to really wonder are these people even Christian .Perhaps I am wrong. If so, that’s ok. I’m okay with learning and growing. I’m not okay with being frozen in space because I let people define my growth. God knows my desire is to serve him, not to be perfect. If I am wrong, I have faith that God will correct me because his grace is sufficient.

To be young black and Christian

The church was behind the curb on so many topics because they chose to ignore them. Now we’re trying to catch up on speaking to our young people about sex and pornography, we’re trying to fix issues in marriage because couples were too embarrassed to bring them to their leaders. I don’t want this to be one of them. So.. I’m gonna say it. The church has a problem with race.

The S Word

so guess what happened. Anyybody Anybody? I crashed. DUH!. Worse than that, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing, was getting my best. I don’t know what I was thinking. I mean, I kinda do. I wanted my own meaning. Moving here as my husbands “dependent” and feeling so small left me with an identity crisis.

Jan- March has been rough

I expected at the end of the fast all my spiritual issues would be gone and I was going to come out on fire and fully activated. When that didn’t happen I lost it. Like, by it I mean everything…

Where were you, when he found you?

Lastly, Judges says “After that generation had been gathered to their ancestors, came another generation who did not know the Lord”. “How can believe if they have not heard” (Romans 10:14). Open your mouths. Stop pretending that you’ve always had it together, stop hiding your testimony. A generation is depending on your truth.

So my truth. Where was I? Well, I had just lost my best friend and a guy that I liked. Half my “friends” went with them. My home was wrecked and I had a black eye ……

Let the Church say amen

I can recall being made to feel like I wasn’t Holy enough to have a prayer group in my home. To some it may sound crazy but that is a very real experience. …..It is a hard thing to continue to believe in God when the people that were supposed to be his leaders treat you wrong. It is hard when the place that you should go to feel loved, rejects you.


Wouldn't it be easy if right as we were about to give up, the music changed and we received some external trigger to let us know the tides were about to change in our favor? Then maybe we wouldn’t be so quick to give up….but life is not a movie

The end from the beginning.

I can remember being alone with my son and being so depressed that I only had the energy to get him to preschool. Afterwards I would come home and crawl in bed until it was time to pick him up …..The problem that we have is that we often can’t see our end from our beginning. I looked at my situation. I looked at my food stamp card and my kids and my choices and I thought there was no way. I probably figured that even if there was a God, he had moved on to people who were more willing to help themselves because I didn’t have the will