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To be young black and Christian

The church was behind the curb on so many topics because they chose to ignore them. Now we’re trying to catch up on speaking to our young people about sex and pornography, we’re trying to fix issues in marriage because couples were too embarrassed to bring them to their leaders. I don’t want this to be one of them. So.. I’m gonna say it. The church has a problem with race.

Where were you, when he found you?

Lastly, Judges says “After that generation had been gathered to their ancestors, came another generation who did not know the Lord”. “How can believe if they have not heard” (Romans 10:14). Open your mouths. Stop pretending that you’ve always had it together, stop hiding your testimony. A generation is depending on your truth.

So my truth. Where was I? Well, I had just lost my best friend and a guy that I liked. Half my “friends” went with them. My home was wrecked and I had a black eye ……