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The assembly of the church

if it were not for Hebrew 10:25 I would not go to church. I get it when people say they’ve been hurt by the church and when they give a million reasons not to go ,There have been some defining moments in my church life that have caused me to really wonder are these people even Christian .Perhaps I am wrong. If so, that’s ok. I’m okay with learning and growing. I’m not okay with being frozen in space because I let people define my growth. God knows my desire is to serve him, not to be perfect. If I am wrong, I have faith that God will correct me because his grace is sufficient.

Let the Church say amen

I can recall being made to feel like I wasn’t Holy enough to have a prayer group in my home. To some it may sound crazy but that is a very real experience. …..It is a hard thing to continue to believe in God when the people that were supposed to be his leaders treat you wrong. It is hard when the place that you should go to feel loved, rejects you.