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The S Word

so guess what happened. Anyybody Anybody? I crashed. DUH!. Worse than that, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing, was getting my best. I don’t know what I was thinking. I mean, I kinda do. I wanted my own meaning. Moving here as my husbands “dependent” and feeling so small left me with an identity crisis.

Jan- March has been rough

I expected at the end of the fast all my spiritual issues would be gone and I was going to come out on fire and fully activated. When that didn’t happen I lost it. Like, by it I mean everything…

Let the Church say amen

I can recall being made to feel like I wasn’t Holy enough to have a prayer group in my home. To some it may sound crazy but that is a very real experience. …..It is a hard thing to continue to believe in God when the people that were supposed to be his leaders treat you wrong. It is hard when the place that you should go to feel loved, rejects you.


Wouldn't it be easy if right as we were about to give up, the music changed and we received some external trigger to let us know the tides were about to change in our favor? Then maybe we wouldn’t be so quick to give up….but life is not a movie